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:iconshuriken01: is not the artist they are claiming to be.

The original artist known as 手裏剣FIGHTER and 662992 is the real owner of the artwork that the DeviantArtist is posting.

The artist on DA is faking to be the Japanese artist of the works.

How I know:

-The original artist doesn't know English but the fake DA artist says words like "thax" and "thx" which is English slang and also uses full English sentences in her comments and replies.

-The fake states their name: "My Name is shuriken seesaa." SeeSaa is the name of the website blog (sort of like Live Journal). That would be like me saying my name is Amandas Sketches DeviantArt. Doesn't make much sense does it?

-When confronted, the artist blocked me and hid my comments when stating that I know they are not the real artist. I have done this several times with previous artists. When I found an art piece on DA that I seen previously on Pixiv, I went to the artists of both images and told them the situation, that someone else may have taken their work. They both were kind and thanked me for my worries but gave permission and stated that they allowed the images to be upload on the 2 websites. They didn't block me for being suspicious, they just thanked me and said there was no worry.

-When I tried finding what happened to 手裏剣FIGHTER Aka 662992, someone on (a Japanese version of DeviantARt) said that the original artist had died in her home end of 2009 in Tokyo. This is just a rumor and I have no solid proof since the website does not give the artists full name and I can not find her online for confirmation.

-The fake only posts Naruto fanart when the original artist posted more than just that fandom.

-The real artist also stated on her website that she does not post anywhere else except on her journal:…

-I had a simular incident with another DA artist who pretended to be this artist: :iconshurikenseesaa: doing the same exact thing this other fake is doing. Luckily, if I remember correctly, DA asked them to prove they are the original artist by posting a new blog on the seesaa website, stating that they are posting their works now on DeviantArt. The real artist has not updated or been on her website since November of 2009. I doubted this is the same artist. So that artist took the art down and never came back to DA.

-Lastly, For only being on here for a month and not having any previous teaching in English, she sure does know how to deal with llamas, faving and points. This fake seems to be more worried about getting llamas and points than anything.

My conclusion:

This is probably a young (under 18 years of age) person who is desperate for points to buy stuff on DA and using a (possibly passed away) artists works to get what they want because their other DA account doesn't get enough popularity to earn the points. You don't use someone else art just to get what "you" want. That is highly disrespectful towards the artist and to her fans (like myself). If this person was really a fan of 手裏剣FIGHTER aka 662992, they wouldn't be doing this...especially for their own selfish gain. Thus is why I am assuming they are under 18- because this is such a childish act and reasoning.

I did send in a report to DeviantArt, to the help desk. Hopefully we can come up with a reasonable conclusion about this.

P.S. Don't go spamming this artist with hate comments. Report her works. I gave you a link to the original works and to where the original artist stated that they do not post their works anywhere else. Some DA admins would ask the fake artist to show proof that they got permission to post someone elses work and if not their art will be taken down in 30 days from that time.
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:w00t:Hello everybody and welcome to Badass-Sakura-FC :w00t:

The club was founded to support our favourite kunoichi in her glorious moments. We define Sakura as a strong and yet passionate character. To sum it up,: Sakura's one badass kunoichi.

:bulletpink:How do I join the club? :bulletpink:
You only have to click the "join" button !

:bulletpink:How to I submit art? :bulletpink:
You only have to click the "contribute art" button or go to the gallery and click on the "+" sign.
Just be nice and update your submissions in the right folder.

:bulletpink: The image has to be strictly Sakura focused in a positive way.
:bulletpink: Please NO pairings. We want to keep this club Sakura focused as much as possible.
:bulletpink: Please no bashing.
:bulletpink: No anti-contribution.
:bulletpink: No explicit sexual theme including fanfictions
:bulletpink: No art theft.







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